1. How often do you feel the urge to pick your skin?
2. How intense or “strong” are the urges to pick your skin?
3. How much time do you spend picking your skin per day?
4. How much control do you have over your skin picking? To what degree can you stop yourself from picking?
5. How much emotional distress (anxiety/worry, frustration, depression, hopelessness, or feelings of low self-esteem) do you experience from your skin picking?
6. How much does your skin picking interfere with your social, work (or role functioning)? (If currently not working determine how much your performance would be affected if you were employed.)
7. Have you been avoiding doing anything, going any place, or being with anyone because of your skin picking? If yes, then how much do you avoid?
8. How much skin damage do you currently have because of your skin picking? Only consider the damage produced by the behavior of picking.